1420006 MultiWorker "Fifteen"

15M Multi Purpose vessel, can be delivered in dismountable version or standard version. Powerful versatile and still a very competitive pricing is the trademark of this type of vessel..

MDH Vessel nr:
Vessel type:
15 Dismountable ( optional ) MultiPurpose vessel
15 X 5 X 1,80M
General information:
15 Dismountable ( optional ) MultiPurpose vessel
Twin Screw 2X 257Kw/350HP Marine Diesel engines FPP in Kort Nozzles
BP 12Ton Speed 9 Knots


Body dismountable/road transportable
Provided with highly avanced coupling system
All materials naval construction quality provided with certificates
Raised Wheelhouse: dismountable for road transport
Complete navigation- en communication equipment
Hydraulic naval crane with electro power pack (lifting capacity 8,25 ton over 1mtr and 1,5 ton over 6mtr)
2 coupling winches of 40 tons each.
Two diesel marine engines 350Pk/257Kw Or 2x700Pk/514Kw
16,5 kVa generator set
Two fuel tanks 8200 litres
A crossover with seals and with a S.O.S.-shut off
2x fuel feeder pump

All activities are being executed to the high quality standards of the Dutch Naval Constructional and according to the Dutch Naval Construction Inspection, or BV class 20 miles if so requested.

Asking price:
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MDH Vessel nr: 1420006, 1420006 MultiWorker "Fifteen"