15602 MWS 12M MKII Multi-purpose Workboat ( Dismountable )

New Version: MWS MKII 12M
High Performance Workboat

At the request of our customers we designed a new version of the succesfull MWS 12 workboat. The need for more power to be able to push or tow bigger barges is an everyday question. You can never have too much HP! So here is the answer: 2X 360HP/265Kw of power with two high efficiency Optima Nozzles will give 8 Ton bollard pull! Never was such performance available in a vessel this size and at a very modest price. 

The work launch is a simple but robust multi-purpose heavy-duty vessel. With a split hull and 6X couplings of 50T break capacity and a dismountable wheelhouse making it 100% road transportable.
Weight 22Tons each per hull 42Tons total
Speed 16Km/h 8.6Knots
Bollard Pull: 8 Tons

The vessel has a “no nonsense” design and is very popular in marine operations in shallow waters, including pushing, pulling, anchor handling, dredging support, transport of goods, fuel and personnel.

It is high maneuverability and hydraulic steering and has an integrated steel sheer stroke around the vessel that absorbs impact forces.


Length   12 M version 
Beam      5.05 m ( 2X 2,5M parts )
Depth     1.80 m
Draught aft 1.30 m
Main engines 2X Doosan 360 HP/265Kw
Two fuel tanks 2X 2.5Cubm capacity
Propellers two 4 Blade bronze propellers,
In Optoma Nozzles 1100MM Diam
Diameter 1000mm approx
Steering gear Hydraulic and emergency steering

Single hull version in 10&12M also available!




Air-conditioning/heating, electric installation 230V network, towing hook, winch on deck, generator, radar system, accommodation, fuel oil transfer, ballast pumps, hydraulic crane.

Only 4 Months Building Time!!!

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