1420007 MultiWorker "Nineteen"

This vessel is a advanced concept based on all the input and technical knowledge we acquired in past years. As it seems a “ normal ” Multipurpose vessel this is really a giant step ahead in versatility, power, handling, sea keeping and reliability.
What did we do? We took a basic en well-known vessel type in the Dredging, Windfarm and Offshore market and redesigned the whole concept.

MDH Vessel nr:
Vessel type:
19M Multi Purpose vessel for inland and sea going duty's
19 X 9,24 X 2,25 M
General information:
Accommodation: 6 in 2 Cabins Seprate Captains Cabin 2 persons
Caterpillar 2X 500Kw/680HP ZF Gearboxes BP 18Tons Speed 10Kn.
BP 18Tons Speed 10Kn.

We felt that in this day and age, versatility is the keyword to cost effective operation.

Customers do not only want a multipurpose vessel, they want more and if possible all combined in the same vessel. That is exactly what we did.
This vessel is equipped with the same proven hull design, as the recently launched Multiworker “Twenty6” sea keeping, speed and power exceeded all expectations.
A smaller size, fuel economic engines that can be equipped with Sootech exhaust after treatment that complies with the future demand of 2016 already! We try to look ahead in design and will supply the greenest ship now for the environmentally aware discerning customer.

Please note that also a range of different vessel versions from 8,5M up to 30M is available if a smaller or larger ship is needed. And also important: coming at a price tag that will surprise you and will make you wonder why it wasn’t on the marker earlier.
If needed our special products department can build vessels for specialized duty’s.
I certainly expect to have aroused your curiosity, and make you want to read more in the sales folder about this advanced vessel.

Asking price:
Call! Custom outfitting is standard at MDH!
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MDH Vessel nr: 1420007, 1420007 MultiWorker "Nineteen"